Smart Measurement With iScanForest

Use iPhone Lidar capability to measure positions and diameters of trees


Using Apple's Arkit interface to Lidar and camera based SfM the app is able to recognize environment and convert the point cloud into continuous mesh interactively. So no more pointcloud storage, transfer and analysis a posteriori


The position recognition based on Arkit positioning can measure positions with error of 1 meter in 100 meters distance


Circle fitting based on RANSAC algorithm provides diameter estimation with 1 cm accuracy.

How It Works

iScanForest is based on iPhone Lidar and Arkit SDK for assesment of user surrounding environment

Use phone to build a mesh

Start the application and move slowly around for recognition of the surrounding ambient.

Click on a tree

Once mesh is created on the stem you can click on it and the algorithm recognise circle

Send data to your email

Edit the data with right swipe, introduce specie. Once you are done send data to your email.

Apps Features

Here is a short list of features of iScanForest app

Instant processing

No need to produce clouds and processing later .

Check your results in the field

Immediate editing and repairing of the measurement .

No need for GPS

works in GPS deprived environment using polylines to extend the coordinates. .

Precise positioning

The positional error approximately 1m in 100 meter walking distance .

Accurate stem measurement

DBH estimation error within 2 cm .

Measures height

Height measurement error within 2 meters. .

Apps Screenshot

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